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Trails are OPEN at this time with early season conditions. Ride with caution, as some trails may still have fallen trees or branches. Brocton-Stockton loop C-4B remains closed due to trees down that volunteers have not yet been able to address.

We need HELP ! Multiple work parties are scheduled for this Saturday 12/21/19. Bridge repair and trail clearing needed for Stockton trail C-4 (Jason Donato); French Creek (Bob Perry) signing and trail clearing; Mayville (Chris Jaynes) signing and trail clearing; Panama (Rodney Sandberg) area signing and trail clearing. Some areas a good side by side or 4-wheeler will work and a chainsaw if you have one. Please respond on facebook where you can help! As a reminder, we need about 12 inches of fresh snow to create a 3 inch base to open the trails and they all need signed and reviewed for safety. Latest conditions and statuses will be posted here as well as our facebook news feed. Please stay off the trails until you see a message on our website or facebook page that they have opened.

CLSC is having work parties on both Saturday and Sunday 11/2 & 11/3. We need volunteer help to get trails cleared and signed. Arrive at the clubhouse at 8;30 and depart at 9:00 AM. Bring 4-wheelers, saws, or just good work gloves. Please respond in comments below that you plan to help. Thanks !

We are currently looking for web camera sponsors for the web cameras through our trail system. The cost of these cameras and maintenance has become a burden and we need some sponsors. Each sponsor will be a listed advertiser on the webcam selection page and may also have rotating banner ads throughout the website. Contact Us today if you are interested.

Our yearly safety course will be held at the Chautauqua Suites in Mayville on 12/14. YOU MUST BE 10 or OLDER ON DECEMBER 14TH 2019 TO ATTEND. We will be posting how to sign up for the class soon. Click Here to sign up for this event.

Greetings Snowmobilers! It’s that time again to process the renewal applications for memberships. Getting on the process early allows us to get money in the coffers prior to the season starting so lets get as many as we can prior to October/November. Barb Farrell is our new membership coordinator and can be reached at should you have any questions about membership.

Download our 2019/2020 Application - CLICK HERE

Benefits Of being a CLSC member
- Weekly Events All season
- Registration Discount Voucher
- Full County Trail Map & Stickers
- Heated Clubhouse Access 24/7.
- Many NYSSA membership perks for car rentals, insurance etc.

There will be NO CLUB RENEWAL at the DMV anymore. The DMV is no longer able to handle club funds. We had a representative at the DMV last year to help with the transition. To avoid a delay, fill out this application and send it with a check ASAP. We will process and return it. Then you can reregister at the DMV at your convenience and have all the paperwork you need. If you come in from out of town, you will have to pay full price for each sled without a voucher unless you can find internet access. On the application, update your email address and verify whether you are able to print your own voucher upon renewal. NYSSA will send a welcome email to you that has your voucher attached. One will only be sent by mail if it is requested. To automatically renew go to and register. You will be able to download and print your voucher immediately upon completing that process. There is a number on top of the bar code, upper right of last years voucher that is your membershi ...

Below are PDF documents of the entire season's trail updates for historical/legal purposes containing open and close dates.

CLICK FOR 2018-2019 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 13 Days, CLOSED: 87 Days) 217 Inches
CLICK FOR 2017-2018 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 33 Days, CLOSED: 68 Days) 247 Inches
CLICK FOR 2016-2017 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 17 Days, CLOSED: 83 Days) 215 Inches
CLICK FOR 2015-2016 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 18 Days, CLOSED: 83 Days) 145 Inches
CLICK FOR 2014-2015 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 58 Days, CLOSED: 48 Days) 195 Inches
CLICK FOR 2013-2014 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 34 Days, CLOSED: 69 Days) 186 Inches
CLICK FOR 2012-2013 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 43 Days, CLOSED: 56 Days) 142 Inches
CLICK FOR 2011-2012 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 03 Days, CLOSED: 99 Days) 110 Inches
CLICK FOR 2010-2011 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 54 Days, CLOSED: 45 Days) 218 Inches
CLICK FOR 2009-2010 SEASON SUMMARY. (OPEN: 67 Days, CLOSED: 31 Days) 224 Inches


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