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Trail Conditions In Chautauqua County New York

Thank you once again for making CLSC the largest club in NY state! We hope you enjoyed the winter and we hope to see you again next season...

Trails are closed at this time due to warm weather and melting snow. Trails south of Mayville have been closed for about a week due to low snow coverage. Today we are closing the rest of the trail system because of the warmer weather and sun melting off the snow. Please stay off the CLSC trails until further notice, hopefully we can get another storm before the season ends. Hope for snow!

CLSC Elections are coming up on 4/2 for ALL Officers and three (3) Board of Director Positions, along with other director positions.... We are actively seeking nominations and would welcome anyone to fill one of these important positions.... Please contact any one of the members of the BOD or officers of the Club and they will be able to answer any questions you may have, and get you to a nomination committee member.

Trails are open but very limited at this time until we receive more snow. All trails south of Mayville have been closed due to low or no snow cover, we have received phone calls by concerned land owners and have decided to close them. These trails include Sherman, Clymer, and Findley Lake. Please respect our land owners and stall off trails in these areas. Trails east of Mayville remain open at this time which include Stockton and the Cherry Creek Sno Goers trail system. Please pass the word and thank you for your cooperation in this important matter. We are hoping for more snow tonight and Sunday

Some trails are being closed due to bare wind-blown fields: If you encounter any bare grass fields TURN AROUND. Closures include: C-4 between Sherman and the junction at C-4D (CH105) toward Findley Lake; C-4 from Sherman to Mayville from the S-48 junction CH142 to the S-47 connector. In other words, take S-48 between Mayville & Sherman; S-48A (Clymer) complete closure between CH106 & CH103; C-4 French Creek to Clymer; S-52 to Panama/Busti. The snow gets better going East.

Trails are open at this time with marginal conditions in spots. We received around 6+ inches of snow this week that has been sitting on top of an ice base. Please use caution when riding, the ground is hard and corners are very slick. There may also be other hazards on the trails so please use caution and hope for more snow!

Trails are closed due to the warm weather and rain we received over the last few days. The warm weather has eaten up more snow than expected and there is plenty of standing water, so trails will be closed for the foreseeable future. We are expecting cold weather this week so that should freeze things back up. We'll maybe need some more snow to open the trails after things have frozen, so please stay off the trails until we post an update.

The 4th of July Picnic has been cancelled for this weekend and at this time we do not have a rain date in place. Please watch our website for the latest news should we reschedule. The Pink Panther Vintage ride will be held snow or no snow so please stop by the Pine Junction to support this event even if you can't ride. This is a fundraising effort for a local little tyke taking on a big battle...we will modify the 'poker run' for rain. Poker hands can be purchased outright for a chance to win the 50/50. Come enjoy Findley Lake, Pine Junction, some old sleds and memories!

Trails are closed at this time due to warm weather and rain. We have a good base in place with ice and frozen ground so we should be able to withstand a few warm days if riders stay off the trails. Weather after the weekend looks good and things should freeze up again nicely if we do not get an inordinate amount of rain in the upcoming days. We will post an update once the base has stabilized and can be ridden again; hopefully this will be sooner than later! In the meantime, please stay off the trails until further notice so we may preserve what we have and continue the riding season as long as possible.

We will update the status of the events for the weekend once we get a better idea of the weather outlook. Stay tuned for future updates and don’t forget to like our Facebook news feed page to be notified of only important CLSC postings. We also have a text service setup for instant notifications, just text "follow CLSCNY" to 40404.

Trails are open and in good condition! We received around 4-5 inches of new snow this week and trails have been groomed where possible. There is still ice under the base and in all corners so please use caution as we have heard of a few accidents. We have TONS of events this weekend so please use extra caution.

This weekend is the Winter Festival at Lakeside Park. It’s one of the largest events of the year and always brings a ton of people by car and sled. CLSC will be manning the large parking lot directly across from the Park, not the Kwik Fill as previously thought. We need help in the afternoon until 8 PM and will accept whatever you can do. This is a fundraiser to help the Club and The Chamber of Commerce. Parking is $5 for all day during the Winter Festival that goes to the Chamber of Commerce to help offset fireworks costs. They in turn send ½ of the total funds collected back to groups that helped. Please contact the President of CLSC Chris Jaynes if you would like to help.

Annual Spaghetti Lunch/Dinner at the CLSC clubhouse is being held this weekend. Stop by the clubhouse and enjoy all you can eat for $8 Adult/$5 Children from 12PM-5PM on Saturday the 15th!

We are also having the Ellery/CLSC Poker Run on Sunday at 11AM on Sunday the 16th, where you can win up to $1000 for the best hand! Multiple starting locations through the county so please check the website for event details.

Trails are open at this time in good condition with icy spots. Our entire area received a good blanket of snow this week and total on the ground ranges from 8-16+ inches in different areas. Grooming has been taking place and all trails are in good condition for riding. Please use caution as there is lots of ice under the snow, so corners and stops will be slick.

This weekend we are having the annual all club ride-in as well as the Snofari Ride on Sunday 2/9 so check out our calendar for event times and locations. With trails in good shape there will be lots of traffic on the trails this weekend so use caution around corners and stay right. Families will be out riding and riders that may not be experienced as you may be coming around an icy corner. Please take it slow out there and let faster riders by and use common sense with all the traffic out there. Stay safe and come out to enjoy both events!

Trails are open at this time with trails in fair condition. Please use caution on the trails as they have lots of ice due to the thaw we had a week ago. We received around 6 inches of snow overnight with more on the way which should make for good conditions for this weekend’s events. We will begin grooming operations as soon as we are able to get out, until then please use caution and expect the unexpected on the tails. A set of gates on Trail 52 are still closed due to logging so use caution in this area. Have fun and be safe!


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