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Trails are getting thin and turning brown in some areas. Fields are generally still good. Several water holes have opened back up, mostly in the woods. Trails may close on short notice. Some clubs in the county are closing or closing some areas. Please be aware of what trails are closed before you ride. Ride safe....

Trails are OPEN at this time and in fair to good condition. We have had over 2 feet of snow in spots and drifts reaching 4+ feet. Groomers have been out trying to keep trails safe, there were a lot of people stuck the first day after the storm. Trails are packing in so it should be a great weekend for riding. It will be very busy so please use caution this weekend and stay right around corners. We all know the fields and drifts look fun but please stay on the trails, this is private property and there are lots of hidden dangers under that deep snow.

Trails are OPEN at this time and improving. We have had cold nights and a decent base is starting to build with more snow falling. We have well over a foot of snow in spots and another 8" in the forecast. There are still open holes in spots so use caution when out riding. Get out and enjoy, take a buddy and stay right!

Trails are OPEN at this time in marginal to fair condition. There are still water holes, trees and branches so use caution when out on the trails. If you see something that can be moved get off and move it please. Ride safe and stay right!

Trails are CLOSED at this time, another bad winter! Volunteers are out checking trails. Snowfall in some areas are more then others. Currently snowing in areas where green grass was showing its self. Currently not enough snow in some ares to cover culverts. We will update the site when conditions change.

Chautauqua Lake Trails are open at this time and conditions are fair to good. Fields may be thin because of the wind but more snow is expected. Ride with caution, as all the trails have not yet been checked for hazards.

Chautauqua Lake Trails will be closed on Sunday 1/21 @ 12AM due to warming temps. Clymer and French Creek trails will be closing on Saturday 1/20 @ 12AM due to low snow conditions. Grooming in these areas has ceased. We will update conditions when we can ride again, please honor the close dates and stay off the trails after the time noted above and plan accordingly.


Dedicated to providing a safe environment for snowmobile enthusiasts riding in our county.

The Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club seeks to preserve and improve snowmobiling in our community so that future generations will be able to enjoy nature through snowmobiling as generations have done in the past.



Self guided interactive cell phone tour of ten stops scattered over a 100-mile loop of the club’s trails.


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