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TRAIL STATUS: Closed - Warm Weather/Rain

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Trails are closed at this time due to warm weather & rain. If you are on the trail system tonight(1/10) we ask that you get off as soon as possible. We will update the the site once conditions change. More rain and warm weather is in the forecast so the long range outlook does not look good at this time.

LIMITED Trail sections are opening at this time, Westfield/Brocton for locals only. There is lots of water on the trails so use caution as early season hazards are present. Colder weather is coming so conditions may improve if we can get things to freeze. View our interactive trail map which shows real-time trail open/closed statuses across the entire county. You can also follow us via text by texting "follow CLSCNY" to 40404. (No Quotes)

Some trails are open on a limited use. Please use lots of caution with riding. Westfield and brocton area trails are closed. If there are no signs don't ride there and if gates are closed, don't open them.
Enjoy and be safe!

LIMITED Trail sections are opening at this time where conditions/signing permit. There is lots of water/ice/debris on the trails so use caution as early season hazards are present. Warmer weather is coming so conditions can change at any moment. View our interactive trail map which shows real-time trail open/closed statuses across the entire county. You can also follow us via text by texting "follow CLSCNY" to 40404. (No Quotes)

**if posted CLOSED, gates closed or not signed keep off***

French creek, Clymer, Sherman area is open. Trail 52 and 41 closed. Brocton and Westfield closed. NOTE SHERMAN TO MAYVILLE IS CLOSED UNTILL GATES ARE OPENED BY LANDOWNER. Do not touch or ride around till he opens them himself.

Please do not ride in the closed areas until we have opened them, trails could have been diverted to different locations or there may be impassable hazards. In case you were wondering why our trails were not opened on the 21st, some landowners do not allow us on their property until after hunting season to sign trails. We respect their wishes and club volunteers try to get out as fast as possible to sign remaining trails right after hunting season is over.

Please be patient and allow those who are doing this in their free time to finish the process of opening the trails for the start of the season. Our club has the most miles of trails in the county, which takes a bit longer than other clubs to review our portion of trails. We all want to ride but we are out on the trails working and do not want to monitor Facebook for content.

TRAILS REMAINED CLOSED FOR CLSC MAINTAINED TRAILS UNTIL POSTED OTHERWISE. Many trail sections need to be finished up and limited snow, and water holes in some areas. Tentative day may be Thursday, although forecast is not looking good yet.

Snow on the way!!! Good news for the upcoming snowmobile season, but it's too early right now! Trails are still officially CLOSED due to hunting and landowner requests to wait until after the hunter's season ends to open their private land to snowmobile use. Water and mud isn't frozen yet anyhow and many farmer's field have crops still standing or livestock out with their gates closed.
RESPECT the private landowners please!

As a reminder when the season does open. We need about 12 inches of fresh snow to create a 3 inch base to open the trails. Latest conditions and statuses will be posted here as well as through our text alerts. Please stay off the trails until you see a message on our website or facebook page that they have opened.

Its work party season! Please be sure to check our homepage and Facebook website for the latest work parties. We usually meet at the clubhouse at 8-8:30 on scheduled weekend and go out from there to get the trails ready for the season. Bring your ATV's, boots, saws, gloves, etc. If you want to get on the work party list you can also email Rodney directly at, he can provide details of what we're doing and you can let me know if there's an area you'd prefer to work. Not looking for commitments, just one day of help would be great! Think SNOW!!

We are currently looking for web camera sponsors for the web cameras through our trail system. The cost of these cameras and maintenance has become a burden and we need some sponsors. Each sponsor will be a listed advertiser on the webcam selection page and may also have rotating banner ads throughout the website. Contact Us today if you are interested.


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