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The following results based on our 2017 club election. Thank you to all those who stay involved.


President: Chris Jaynes
Vice-President: Bill Ottaway
Secretary: Paul Weatherlow
Treasurer: Jeff Richards - Email
Activities Coordinator: Marcus Maloney
Membership Coordinator: Matt Terrill
Fund Raising Coordinator: Jeff Richards
Landowner Coordinator: Kelly Perry
Safety Coordinator: Scott Shapert
Technology Coordinator: Clay Jaynes
Website Administrator: (General Mailbox)

Chairman: Rick Syper
Board Members:
Ken Bearce; Steve Burmaster; Julie Dobson (Remain for their second year of term.)
Mark Kawski & Steven M. Smith (2 year) (2017 Election)
Matt Terrill (1 year) (2017 Election)

Trails are closed at this time due to no/little base. Please stay off the trails, as a reminder trails close for the season on 4/1 so this may be all for the season.

CLSC trails are limited please use the interactive web map to see open and closed locations. Do not ride in areas with low snow or that have been closed on the interactive map. It is your responsibility to know where you are on the trails and keep off areas not open for riding. Please use caution as there are hazards underneath the snow with unfrozen ground. Enjoy and stay safe!

CLSC trails are still closed at this time. We've received some snow but not enough base to open the trails at this time. Snow storms are expected in the near future so pray that we get the snow they are calling for. We'll update this message should the trails open.

This Saturday Feb. 18 Mayville is holding its annual winter festival with fireworks in the evening and we need a few volunteers during the day to help park cars for any length of time that you can give. Just message our Facebook page if you can assist.

Saturday Feb 18th we will be having our annual spaghetti dinner at the clubhouse. The dinner will be held from 2-6PM and we will be accepting 8$ donations. This event is open to everyone so we hope to see you there

CLSC trails are open at this time with limited snow in areas. Please use caution and assume early season conditions. Please reference our interactive web map for up to date conditions.

CLSC trails are closed due to limited snow in areas, mud and water. We're hoping for colder weather to freeze things up and more snowfall this week. We'll update the website if conditions change.


Dedicated to providing a safe environment for snowmobile enthusiasts riding in our county.

The Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club seeks to preserve and improve snowmobiling in our community so that future generations will be able to enjoy nature through snowmobiling as generations have done in the past.



Created in partnership with Chautauqua Federation of Snowmobile Clubs and Chautauqua Tourism


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