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Due to no snow and little base trails will not be opening as scheduled. Please respect landowners and stay off the trails until we open them via our website.

NOTICE, Our envelopes did not arrive in time to be stuffed at the meeting. We will have a stuffing party this Saturday at the clubhouse before the trail work begins. We still welcome you to attend the meeting as always!

TRAIL WORK PARTY - 12/20/2014 @ 8:00AM
Work party Saturday 8:00 am @ the clubhouse. Prior to trail work we will be stuffing membership envelopes. Please stop by the club and help out with this and finish signing the trails. The more people we have the faster things will go, hope to see you there!

Trails are closed and do not look like they will open on 12/17. Please respect landowners and stay off the trails until an open message is posted on our website.

On Saturday, December 6, 2014 the Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club and Webb's Captains Table Restaurant hosted a 4-hour Groomer Operator Training Course in their big banquet room. Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Clubs' Safety Coordinator, Scott Shapert had contacted Jim MacFarland of OPRHP's Snowmobile Unit to arrange for a course to be held in Chautauqua County before the 2014-2015 season could begin. Scott along with Club President Chris Jaynes contacted the other clubs in the area and invited them to send people who might want: a refresher course; to become new groomer operator; to become the assistant operator and ride shotgun; to just learn and understand how it all works. Webb's Captain's Table Restaurant provided the podium, projector screen, plus coffee and danish for all in attendance. The course had 72 people register for the course ahead of time. After losing a couple registered people and gaining some last minute attendees, the total remained at 72 present for the course. Attendees came from: Alleghany State Park, Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club, Ellery Sno-Cruisers, and Lake Effect Trailbreakers. Some of the extra interest is due to two of the clubs expecting (hoping) to take delivery of brand new groomers via the RTP grant sometime during the 2014-2015 season. There are currently 24 large tracked groomers operated by the 100% all-volunteer clubs in Chautauqua County. The two new groomers will bring the total up to 26 large tracked groomers, primarily Tucker Sno-Cats, Bombardiers, and Prinoth brand machines. Most of our groomers go out after 10:00 pm and return from their routes after 2:00 am (and sometimes 4:00 am or longer). Very few of us ever really get to see what goes on back in the drag that the groomer pulls. Somehow it just magically makes the trail smooth again. Both the groomers and the drags that do their magic on the trails are becoming more sophisticated. Almost all are drags are 8 feet wide or wider with most employing as many as 11 cutting blades before the pan in back smoothes everything out. The science behind the groomer and the drag pulled along the snowmobile trails needs some explanation. OPRHP's Jim MacFarland taught those present about mogul formation, mogul removal, types of snow, times for trails to setup after grooming, best temperatures, best grooming speeds, things to watch out for on the trail, fallen branches and trees, narrow bridges, safety out on the trail, etc. Jim left training materials plus DVD visual aides to distribute among the different organizations after the course. In addition to the Groomer Operator Training Course that is held every couple of years, there are the annual Snowmobile Operator Safety Training classes for new or younger riders, there are the annual Trail Signing classes too, and plans are in the works to include First Aid classes too. Groomer Operators tend to be the first to find somebody who has had troubles out on the trail late at night. All the participants would like to thank Webb's Captains Table Restaurant for helping host the course.

Snowmobile Safety Course for ages 10-adult (must be at least 10 yrs old the day of the class) NO EXCEPTIONS Sponsored by Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club Saturday, November 29, 2014 at the clubhouse 8am - 4pm NO CHARGE Must bring parent to sign permission slip, but you don't have to stay (You are welcome to stay, but it's not required) Pizza available or Bring a packed lunch Please pre register or call with any questions with Bob or Kelly Perry at 716-355-6321.

URGENT ! Work party this weekend Saturday and Sunday 11/8 & 11/9. Meet at the clubhouse at 8:30 AM. This is the LAST weekend before shotgun season. If we don't finish the trails before, they may NOT be able to open in time for the start of the season (12/17). We need help mostly with signs.

Work Parties this weekend..... Saturday and Sunday Morning.... Bridge in Sherman and pipe work on the Beck Road..... Meet at Club House at 830 both Days.... Contact William Ottaway with questions...

Safety Coordinator for Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club, Scott Shapert has spoken with Jim McFarland of OPRHP (Parks) about coming to Chautauqua County and putting on a Groomer Operator Training Class. No date or location has been picked at this point. We need about 30 people interested and willing to attend this class before we ask Jim McFarland to come. He will not come for just a couple people. Anybody who attends can get a Groomer Operator Training Certificate. We always seem to be adding new people as groomer operators and a refresher would not hurt for those who have already gotten a certificate. We would like all groomer operators to attend if possible. We would like the class to be scheduled for late October or November if possible. If you are interested in attending this class please contact Scott @

Signing Class @ 6:30 PM Oct. 15th at the clubhouse on Hannum Rd. Ray Head will be conducting this refresher course. We would like all groomer operators and anyone who helps sign to attend. The class will only be about 45 minutes long. The regular meeting will commence at 7:30 PM. Thanks !


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